Thinking of Thoughts

Laying in bed, and it’s 11:31PM. Yes i know it’s late..but my heart is overwhelmed, and I just had to share. I am so very happy, and things have been going above and beyond amazing. No life is not perfect, and yes there are still rough patches, and hardships to overcome. However, I find myself finally on the right path. Life is a hard mountain to conquer, and a neverending puzzle, that can never be solved.

I am about to turn 19 years old in may, and yet some would say I act as though I have already lived a lifetime. Those of you who know me, understand what I mean by that. We all endure trials and tribulations, but know there is always someone out there enduring so much more, and people dying everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second. So next time you lay down, think of what you have, what you have overcome, and what you have yet to endure. Know that you are not alone, that there is someone out there, pondering life, and thinking of you, even if they do not know you. I pray for my fellow man every day and night, my heart goes out to those less fortunate.

Some of you may be thinking, I thought this was an artsite, or your buisness website. However, my art is who i am, and everything I believe, and post is a part of the story behind the art. When I draw, my inspiration comes from life. So though this may seem to not have anything to do with art, it has to do with me, my views, and my beliefs.

My heart is put out into the work that i do, so why not share what it is that is on my heart. Do not dare to dream, dream because tomorrow’s future comes from the dreams of today.



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  1. hope
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 16:08:23



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