Dear Readers/Bloggers,

I am so sorry I have not posted in a weeek! This past week has been very busy, and yet that is not excuse. I hung out with one of my close friends Jeannie, we went to the dog park, and took pictures, which was a load of fun! Today were hanging out for a little bit before my dinner with Kenny, and then were going to a deaf movie night at a near by church called Connection, in Middletown.

I also went over Ms. Lucie’s house Tuesday evening and night, (first day of spring!!) and did some journal entries, which have been added to my JOURNAL A DAY CHALLENGE page.  We also went to Rita’s and got some FREE water ice. YUM!! it was a nice day.

Wednesday i cleaned the house, and went to church. I had to teach the girls alone for the first time, Karen didn’t come, and Sharon called in sick, so it was me an the girls. But i did have Ms. Pam come in and just be there to help when needed, which was much appreciated.

Thursday I went over to my mommom’s house for a bit, to see my Uncle Mark, who came in wednesday evening. It was really good to see him, i hadn’t seen him since my graduation party. which was almost a year ago! CANT BELIEVE IT!! We talked about me coming up for a week sometime this summer, to visit my family in New Hampshire, probably some time in June.  We went out to a Brunch, at the Rt. 40 Diner. I had never been there before, but it was pretty good. I had a Gyro sandwitch, which was delicious! Their fries are extremely good as well!

Later that evening, i called Scott, my stepdad. He finally answered, i caught him 30 min. after he got home, perfect timing i must say! It was nice catching up, and knowing he is doing good, keeping busy. Some friends are going down to see him, which will be good. I miss him a lot, were hoping i can come down sometime in August and see him, i would really like that. He lives in Ft. Myers, Florida. It’s sooo beautiful there. Especially the area where he lives, the house is gorgeous, and just the area is so artsy, and friendly! i love going there to visit, and its been since last august since i have seen him.

That’s about all that has gone on in the past week, i will try to post more, try everyday, but i know there will be days i won’t post.



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