Home Sweet Home<3

Today was an amazing day! I finally moved into the basement! Freedom at last! I haven’t had my own room for 9 years now! It was about time i moved into my own little area. I made it home, added pictures(LOTS). new bedspread, and other things to make it feel homey. I feel so much more independent, and free. Hopefuly this will help with the cluttered issue i’ve been having lately. Just have been feeling so tight, and bound. Now I feel like I can spread my wings and fly!

Yesterday night was my first practice with the kids, I’m teaching them ‘Go Light Your World’ by Chris Rice, but i’m doing it in ASL! They did a lot better then I expected them to! It was a blessing to see how many kids actually showed up! around 20 kids! More then anticipated for sure!

Tomorrow I get to spead time with my amazing Aunt Hope! were going to go out to eat, then hitting up the movies! So excited to see the Hunger Games! i have the first book, but haven’t had time to really sit down and read it, i’m only 15 pages in. I really need to start reading as much as I used to.  A year ago i was reading a 300-500 page book, in about 2 days! Now i’m finding it hard to find time to sit down and actually read!

However, life is looking brighter, and the days bring new blessings.



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