~.:Another One Gone:.~

Dear Readers,

This past thursday a dear friend from my past highschool, taken from us in a fatal car accident over the bridge going into middletown, on 896. He was a cherished and loved follower of christ, who had many friends, and loved ones. His time on earth was cherished, and he always had a smile on his face. Bringing light into this dark world, and making everyone feel comfortable at Appo High, and anywhere else his precense was.

This incident allows us to see the beauty, and pain of this world. That it is not perminant, and it is not lasting. We need to live each day like there is no tomorrow, and breathe each breath, as if it is our last. Take in each others company, and cherish the small moments in life, because it only takes one wrong turn to end it.

Also that we need to live this life for christ, because he died for us. Andre Smith new his time on earth was soon to be ended when he woke up that morning, yet he did not let it bring him down, he continued to live as if it were any other day, because that’s all we can do. Live day by day, not knowing if there will be a tomorrow. We never know when this life will end, are you ready if it ends tomorrow, today, around the next corner? Are you possitive that you will enter heavens gates? If not, maybe it’s about time you were positive, with out a shadow of a doubt. It’s simple, all you have to do is accept Christ as your savior, and realize that he died for you at the cross.


Dear Jesus I come to you as a sinner,

and i ask you to come into my heart Lord.

To fill my heart with your love, and compassion.

To be a light in this dark cruel world.

I realize you died on the cross for my sins,

and that you rose again,

so that I may enter heaven when my life on earth is done.

Lord I pray that I will live this life,

for your glory, and not for my own.

In Jesus name I pray.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley Tidwell
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 17:22:46

    Amen! I believe gods purpose for Andre was to always make someones day brighter with that smile nd big heart of his. And that he did with ease. I thank god for giving Andre to us he will never be forgotten and always in our hearts.


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