~.:Slower Then Malasis?:.~

Things art-wise, have been going really slow lately. Haven’t had any buisness, haven’t done any artprojects. The thing is, you need money to do them, if i had orders, i would just get them to pay for the supplies needed for the product. I’m really praying buisness picks up. I’m not saying I want to make a living off of my art, but I do what my artwork to be an outreach, and inspiration. To reach people. Looking a little down, and slow, but i’m believing things will pick up once again, so much that i’m overwhelmed. For once, i’m praying to be overwhelmed with something. I love doing art, sometimes its a sacrifice, and other times a blessing. No matter what I will never get up on it.

Sorry for the babbling, I just have this dream, and it’s harder to acomplish it then I thought it would be. It’s true that with hardwork comes outcome, just will have to work a little harder, and put in more effort. One day I will reap what I sow, and it will be an abundant harvest. One of my friends the other day said she could see this masterpiece in my life, and that God is just laying down all the tools, and media, and I’m a huge canvas. That he has a beautiful masterpiece at work in me, and she can’t wait to see the outcome. I hope she is right, that’s all I want is my life to be an inspiration, as well as my artwork. I’m not asking for fame, and riches. I just want people around the world, from different backgrounds, and ethnicity to come together, and be inspired by the artwork I have created in my lifetime.


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