New Art Journal Pics!

So I have been working on a new art journal out of something recycled. I used an old thick book with lots of pages, that I was never going to read again. glued 4 or 5 pages together, and antiqued them. Then I started adding drawings, pictures, paintings in the inside. The words of the book still in it, adding a cool look. However some pages I glued drawing paper onto them that way i could have a blank space to draw. However, this art journal is more then that, it is an everything journal, to write, draw, glue, paint, and do whatever i want to. Just letting me come out in different forms, in the style of a book/journal. ENJOY!



This is the cover of my journal, so far I don’t really want to add anything to it. I like it just the way it is. I this out of a games magazine. It reminded me of the movie ‘ The Never Ending Story’ and i apsolutley love that movie! Its like fantasy, and mysterious, makes me want to crack it open and see whats inside. Eventually I want to put a lock on it!



Here you can just see how the pages are antiqued, as well as the words of the book! Neat huh! That is a painting i did when I was bored, just a simple messy pineapple! lol



Now this one your probably thinking huh? But i love video games! especially PC. However, this is the game Assassins Creed for XBOX 360 , and the other page is one that i made a blank drawing paper.




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