Art Journaling Day 1

Art journaling is amazing! It allow you to be creative without any limitations. Expressing yourself and letting your self be free is very soothing.

I love putting in my headphones listening to some music and just zone out. I feel like this is when I make my most precious art pieces. Because there is no thinking Involved. I just draw or paint or create what I feel.

Wether it be from the feel of the music or the emotion of a bad day. Maybe even a joyful event.

They say spending time art journaling at least once a day for 10 minutes helps your skills as an artist increase.

The greatest thing I find about art journaling is that you don’t have to be a good drawer. Just as long as you have an imagination you can art journal. There are no mistakes. There are no bad art journals. Because its not met for other people. It’s met for you to express yourself and release some creative energies and emotions.

So I definitely encourage you to give it a shot! And stay tuned for more art journaling :)

If you have questions about art journaling or want some ideas just emails me at


New To ColemanInk Artworks!

Mermaid Headband Design

$15 handcrafted, and hand sown. Will be taking orders email Thank you for your support :)



Doodles Doodles and More Doodles!








One of the things I love to do is doodles. To most people they aren’t doodles, but for me this is doodling. Just drawing whatever comes to mind, not caring about the outcome, or overlapping of other doodles. Just having fun and letting my imagination run wild. Everyone once in awhile I go into a spurt of wanting to work with just one medium. Right now it happens to be the messy charcoal! I am in love with it’s texture, and depth. I like to use a splash of color, but only one. It makes the black and white really pop, and draws your eye into it! Hope you all have a blessed, and creative day!!!


Love Britt!

‘Fairy’s’ My new style

So I did a drawing of a fairy about a year ago, and i loved the style of it, and just the look, so I started doing more of them, just a fun style, something I can do and have many different versions. 


Here is the 1st one, I call in the Pond fairy



Here is my 2nd one, a year later. I now am using prisma colored pencils, instead of markers. I love it. Call it the Garden Fairy.  (Back ground green, and two blades of grass are marker. Didn’t want to use up my colored pencil.)



New Art Journal Pics!

So I have been working on a new art journal out of something recycled. I used an old thick book with lots of pages, that I was never going to read again. glued 4 or 5 pages together, and antiqued them. Then I started adding drawings, pictures, paintings in the inside. The words of the book still in it, adding a cool look. However some pages I glued drawing paper onto them that way i could have a blank space to draw. However, this art journal is more then that, it is an everything journal, to write, draw, glue, paint, and do whatever i want to. Just letting me come out in different forms, in the style of a book/journal. ENJOY!



This is the cover of my journal, so far I don’t really want to add anything to it. I like it just the way it is. I this out of a games magazine. It reminded me of the movie ‘ The Never Ending Story’ and i apsolutley love that movie! Its like fantasy, and mysterious, makes me want to crack it open and see whats inside. Eventually I want to put a lock on it!



Here you can just see how the pages are antiqued, as well as the words of the book! Neat huh! That is a painting i did when I was bored, just a simple messy pineapple! lol



Now this one your probably thinking huh? But i love video games! especially PC. However, this is the game Assassins Creed for XBOX 360 , and the other page is one that i made a blank drawing paper.



Royal Rangers 50th Anniversary!

Hey everyone, a few weeks ago my uncle asked me to work on a entrance representing the North East Region. I had one week to paint a whole entrance. Wasn’t sure I was gonna be able to get it finished in time, but I was!

I just got a picture of it all set up in Missouri! And it looks amazing! I’m so proud of it, and happy that I was able to take part in this event! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Royal Rangers an International Christian Boy Scouts!





New Art Journal!!!

So excited about my new ArtJournal, i’m making it out of an old book that i have, that i will never read. I’m modge podgeing pages together to make them thicker, so that i can actually paint us ink ect. and it not bleed through. I’m so excited! i’m going to doodle, put inspirational quotes, readings, pictures etc in it. Pretty much anything artsy, or that inspires me. What’s exciting is the fact that i’m making it from scratch! :) I will put up pictures on my progress, currently i’ve gotten a little over half way through modge podging all the pages. Which is time consuming, it’s a thick book, but that just means it will have more room for putting stuff in it! :)

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