Art Journaling Day 1

Art journaling is amazing! It allow you to be creative without any limitations. Expressing yourself and letting your self be free is very soothing.

I love putting in my headphones listening to some music and just zone out. I feel like this is when I make my most precious art pieces. Because there is no thinking Involved. I just draw or paint or create what I feel.

Wether it be from the feel of the music or the emotion of a bad day. Maybe even a joyful event.

They say spending time art journaling at least once a day for 10 minutes helps your skills as an artist increase.

The greatest thing I find about art journaling is that you don’t have to be a good drawer. Just as long as you have an imagination you can art journal. There are no mistakes. There are no bad art journals. Because its not met for other people. It’s met for you to express yourself and release some creative energies and emotions.

So I definitely encourage you to give it a shot! And stay tuned for more art journaling :)

If you have questions about art journaling or want some ideas just emails me at


Doodles Doodles and More Doodles!








One of the things I love to do is doodles. To most people they aren’t doodles, but for me this is doodling. Just drawing whatever comes to mind, not caring about the outcome, or overlapping of other doodles. Just having fun and letting my imagination run wild. Everyone once in awhile I go into a spurt of wanting to work with just one medium. Right now it happens to be the messy charcoal! I am in love with it’s texture, and depth. I like to use a splash of color, but only one. It makes the black and white really pop, and draws your eye into it! Hope you all have a blessed, and creative day!!!


Love Britt!

Neon 3D Painting!!!

So I had an emotional outburst lastnight, and exploded with the neon pop out paint in a burst of colors, and fun! I really liked the turn out! Tell me what you think!!!

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