News Flash!

Hey Bloggers/Followers!

Great news! I have a new product that i’m going to be selling. Journal designs/daily planner designs/collage portraits/jewlery boxes, etc. I’m so excited to post new pictures of the projects up, so that you all can see them!

Depending on the project, is the cost it will be. Every one is unique, and it also depends on how much stuff the person wants on the project. When i post some pictures you will see what I mean. However, i am having so much fun doing what i love, and i’m so glad i have people to share it with. I had five offers tonight! So excited to start them next week!

I feel like in a matter of one month, my buisness has grown tremendously! All thanks to God, he blesses me everyday! Things are going to work out, just like he wants them to. Not my will, but yours!

Well I need some major sleepage! Been a long progressive day! My imagination needs a rest!



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